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Birth Massage

Massage can be a valuable pain relief tool in labor. It's about more than just helping to relieve tension and relax muscles, though.  Positive touch is energetic and provides encouragement throughout the labor journey.  By offering a nurturing presence with massage and affirmations, partners can help the laboring woman create an empowering birth experience by increasing her confidence, self-worth, and psychological health.

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Victoria Williams, LMT  #MA73601

In this hands-on class, our Licensed Massage Therapist will teach you techniques that can help keep the laboring mom in tune with her body through each stage of labor.   As the baby moves down through the pelvis, the woman's needs for comfort will change.   You will practice how to use massage to relieve discomfort during a contraction, loosen and relax muscles between contractions, and share emotional support via touch.  You will also learn different counter pressure techniques for alleviating back and hip pain during the transition period.  Then after the birth, massage can be equally beneficial as it helps to ease common aches during recovery and improve hormonal balance, reducing the chance of postpartum depression.

​But what if the mother decides she doesn't want to be touched during labor?  We've got you covered!  There are a variety of other ways you can stay attuned to her needs and ensure that she feels safe, loved, and supported.  By the end of this class you will have a long list of tips, tools, and techniques you can use.  (Really – we give out a cheat sheet!) 

This 1.5 hour class is held every other month and open to partners, friends, or family who will be supporting a laboring mother in birth, though we do ask that childcare is arranged for all children so that we can ensure a distraction free learning environment.  The cost is $40 per couple and prepayment is required to reserve your seat and materials.  

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