Birth  Planning Consult


Every birth is unique, and no matter where you are choosing to birth - in a hospital, a birth center, or at home - there are a variety of options you can choose from to make your birth experience special and specific to your own individual needs.

Let us help you plan your best birth!

Birth Planning Workshop at The Nest, Lakeland

Birth planning is not about setting a rigid timeline  of events from first contraction to PUSH, or about insisting that certain interventions be avoided, or demanding that a particular preference be met with no exceptions.  Birth planning is about recognizing that you have options for your birth, and that each option comes with it's own set of benefits and risks.  It's about feeling confident in making an informed decision about those options, whatever circumstance your birth experience may bring.  Every birth is different and every family has its own unique list of preferences.  Because birth is so unpredictable, though, it is wise to be prepared for the many roads the journey might take - and that's where a birth plan comes in!


A birth plan is as much for the birthing mother as it is for her care provider.  When women understand their options, they enter the birth experience with confidence and they feel empowered as they make educated decisions about their care.  Creating a written plan ahead of time gives them an opportunity to research those options and decide with a clear head what they would prefer in any given senario.  Then, when they bring that plan to their care provider, it facilitates an important discussion about how they will work together during the labor and the immediate postpartum period.  It also helps the birth team as a whole (midwives, midwifery assistants, obstetricians, nurses, etc.) understand how they can provide personalized support during this special day.

During a private consult with one of our doulas, you'll receive unbiased, evidence-based information about the many choices available to you during your birth experience to help you determine what choices are most important to you, what interventions you would like to avoid, what alternatives you are comfortable with, how you might like to proceed if your plans change during the birth, and what options you might want to do more research on before making a final decision - and she'll have resources to help you with that, as well!  By the end of the consult, together you will have created a customized birth plan based on your preferences. 

The cost for this private 2-hour consult with one of our doulas, which includes a follow-up birth plan review via email, is $100.


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