Labor Coping Skills


You CAN stay calm, comfortable, and focused during labor!  In this class you will learn a variety of ways that you can remain relaxed and in control during childbirth without the use of pain medicine.  Partners are encouraged to attend - they'll learn how they can best support you with those techniques and how they can play an active role in the birth experience. 

Labor Coping Skills Class at The Nest, Lakeland

Topics covered include:

  • What you can do NOW to prepare for an easier labor

  • Choosing your support team

  • The difference between practice contractions and baby-bringing contractions

  • Proper breathing methods

  • The whole-body impact of relaxation techniques

  • Avoiding the fear-tension-pain cycle

  • The importance of movement and what positions are most effective

  • Counter pressure techniques to alleviate back pain

  • How your environment can benefit (or harm) the labor process

  • The benefits and potential disadvantages of water birth

  • Coping during transition, crowning, and delivery

  • The ABC's of natural pain management - a relaxation technique for every letter of the alphabet!

**All information shared in this class is also covered in our 4-hour comprehensive Natural Childbirth class. **

During this two-hour class,  we'll also move through a sort of "circuit training," which will offer you a chance to practice several of the techniques you'll be learning.  Additional support people are welcome to join you in this class, but we ask that childcare is arranged for all children so that we can ensure a distraction free learning environment.  Both group and private classes are available - the cost for the group class is $60 per pregnant mother; the cost for the private class is $80.  (Partners attend for free.)  An invoice will be sent to you within a week of our receipt of your online registration.  Prepayment is required to reserve your seat and materials.