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Helping a Pregnant Friend When You Have to Social-Distance

If you want to provide support to a loved one who is pregnant, doing so can be so very challenging right now. With an emphasis on social-distancing, in-person visits may not be possible, but there are still ways to show this special woman in your life you care. Here are a few safe, practical, budget savvy, and social distancing-friendly tips, presented by The Nest.

Shop Online for Savings on Gifts

You can’t drop off gifts in person during the pandemic, but you can still shop online and send them through the mail. Plus, you can use these tips to score baby and pregnancy gifts for less:

● Want to spoil her with self-care? Shop these gifts with price tags starting at $5!

● Buy good diapers! She will never have enough and the price point is just right.

● Wireless chargers are always helpful for moms! If she has multiple devices, look for a large pad so she can charge them all at the same time. When you’re shopping for these types of items (or any online gifts), consider using our Amazon Smile account. You won't pay any extra for your purchases, but a donation will be made to our scholarship program.

Help Her Find Ways to Trim Expenses

Most expectant parents stress about finances. After all, caring for a new baby can be expensive! So why not support your friend by helping her find stress-free ways to stretch her new budget?

● She will love you forever if you sign her up for freebies for her pregnancy and baby.

● While you’re online, ask about helping her get connected with diaper reward programs.

Dropping off meals or groceries is another thoughtful way to help with her budget.

Be Sure to Check In on a Regular Basis

Support can come in different sizes and shapes. Sometimes that means gifts, while other times, it simply means showing up and being there for your pregnant loved one. Here’s how:

● Know that being pregnant is stressful right now since pregnancy is a risk factor.

● You can use a free Zoom account to stay connected and let her vent her worries.

● There are also other cost-free and low-cost apps you can use to stay in touch.

Show Your Support After Baby Arrives

Before the pandemic, you would show up at the hospital with an arm full of flowers to welcome your friend’s baby. Now, that may not be possible, so you need to keep these pointers in mind:

Visitors are restricted at most hospitals across the country, even for new moms.

● You may still be able to send a bouquet, but do check with your friend or the hospital.

● Once your loved one is home, you can ask about organizing another meal drop-off.

If you have a friend or loved one who is expecting, she needs your support now more than ever before. That could mean getting her groceries so she can avoid added risk, or scheduling regular Zoom sessions to let her vent. If you have some wiggle room, you can even send thoughtful gifts. Whatever way of helping works for your budget will be so greatly appreciated.

The Nest offers classes for pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, and early parenting. Please contact us by calling (863-578-8633) or emailing to learn more.

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