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Sweet Anticipation: Making the Most of the 3rd Trimester

Enjoying the last weeks of pregnancy as a couple is a special and unique time that can be both exciting and a bit nerve-wracking. Here are some ideas to help you make the most of these final weeks before your baby arrives:

Spend Quality Time Together

  • Date Nights: Go out for dinners, movies, or enjoy a cozy night in. These moments will be cherished as it may be a while before you can easily go out again.

  • Babymoon: If you’re feeling up to it and it’s safe, take a short overnight trip to relax and enjoy each other's company.

Relax and Unwind

  • Massage: Treat yourselves to a couple’s massage or a prenatal massage for the mom-to-be.

  • Bath Time: Enjoy a warm bath together. It’s relaxing and can help soothe any aches and pains.

Prepare for the Baby Together

  • Nursery Setup: Finish decorating and setting up the nursery. Make it a fun project that you do together.

  • Shopping: Go shopping for baby items. Picking out baby clothes and essentials together can be a joyful experience.

  • Practice Baby Skills: Take a baby care class or practice diapering and swaddling with a doll.

Capture the Moments

  • Photoshoot: Have a maternity photoshoot to capture this special time. You can even do it yourself if you prefer something more intimate.

  • Journal: Start a journal to document your feelings, hopes, and dreams for your baby. Both of you can write entries.

Talk and Connect

  • Future Plans: Discuss your hopes and dreams for the future, both for yourselves and for your baby. This can help you feel more connected and aligned.

  • Communication: Share your fears, excitement, and expectations. Open communication can strengthen your bond during this transitional time.

Stay Active

  • Walks: Take gentle walks together. It’s good for both physical and mental health.

  • Prenatal Yoga: Consider doing prenatal yoga together. Some classes are designed for couples and can be a great bonding activity.

Celebrate Each Other

  • Pamper Each Other: Take turns pampering each other. Foot rubs, cooking favorite meals, or just spending time doing what the other person enjoys can be very meaningful.

  • Surprise Gifts: Small, thoughtful gifts can be a sweet way to show you care and are thinking of each other during this time.

Create Traditions

  • Write Letters: Write letters to your baby that they can read in the future. Share your thoughts, feelings, and excitement about their arrival.

  • Family Time: If you have other children, spend special time with them, emphasizing the joy of welcoming a new sibling.

Rest and Nest

  • Rest: Ensure you both get plenty of rest. Take naps together and enjoy quiet, restful moments.

  • Nesting: Enjoy the nesting phase by organizing and preparing your home. It’s a productive way to channel your excitement and anticipation.

Celebrate the Moment

  • Baby Shower: If you haven’t had one yet, a baby shower can be a fun way to celebrate with friends and family.

  • Milestones: Celebrate pregnancy milestones together, whether it’s reaching the third trimester or the baby’s first kick that dad felt.

These final weeks are a precious time to bond and create lasting memories before your baby arrives. Enjoy each moment and the anticipation of welcoming your little one into the world!


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