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Why Are Prenatal Breastfeeding Assessments Important?

The word is out: Prenatal assessments can make a significant difference for breastfeeding families. A survey was done by The Lactation Network of more than 2500 parents across the nation and an overwhelming majority (93%!) said that a prenatal consultation contributed to their success in breastfeeding.

Here's why:

Education and Preparation

Prenatal consultations provide expecting parents with crucial information about breastfeeding even before the baby arrives. This helps them understand the benefits of breastfeeding, proper latch techniques, and how to address common challenges that may arise.

Building Confidence

Many new parents feel unsure or anxious about breastfeeding. Prenatal consultations offer a supportive environment where they can ask questions, express concerns, and gain confidence in their ability to breastfeed successfully.

Addressing Concerns Early

Prenatal consultations allow lactation consultants to identify any potential issues or challenges that may affect breastfeeding once the baby is born. By addressing these concerns early on, parents can be better prepared to handle them and seek support if needed.

Establishing Goals

During prenatal consultations, parents can discuss their breastfeeding goals and preferences with the lactation consultant. This helps create a personalized plan tailored to their needs, whether it's exclusive breastfeeding, combination feeding, or pumping.

Partner Involvement

Prenatal consultations provide an opportunity for partners to learn about breastfeeding and how they can support the breastfeeding parent and the baby. This involvement can strengthen the support system for the breastfeeding family.

Access to Resources

Prenatal consultations often include information about local breastfeeding support groups, lactation services, and other resources available to families. This ensures that parents know where to turn for help if they encounter difficulties later on.

Overall, prenatal lactation consultations play a crucial role in empowering families to make informed decisions about their personal breastfeeding journey by providing them with the support they need to succeed.

If you are pregnant and planning on breastfeeding, reach out to schedule a Prenatal Breastfeeding Assessment with one of our IBCLCs by call or text 863-578-8633, or by using the contact form below.


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