Practical Uses for Essential Oils


This class will teach you how to use quality essential oils for practical purposes - from cooking and cleaning to treating insect bites, with a bit of relaxation mixed in!

After learning about the many ways you can benefit from the most commonly used essential oils, you will create a custom blend of those oils to suit your personal needs.  Each class will offer its own take-away treat - a room spray, a

Practical Uses for Essential Oils class at The Nest, Lakeland

foaming soap, a hand sanitizer, a bug repellant... and others!  (When you register to attend, we'll let you know what you'll be creating during the class.)  


The cost of this class is $20 per person.  An invoice will be sent to you within a week of our receipt of your online registration.   The custom creation is included in that cost and attendees will also receive a 20% discount on their purchase of any oils the night of the class.