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Prenatal  Nutrition

Pregnancy is not just about growing a cute baby – it is also about preparing your body for childbirth.  A healthy, well-rounded diet will not only positively impact your baby’s growth and development, it can also help keep your pregnancy and labor low-risk.  When your body has the proper nutrients to function at its best, it will be easier to avoid complications and unnecessary interventions as well as ensure a healthy birth weight for your little one.

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Your healthy food choices will help you stay comfortable during your pregnancy and ward off issues such as morning sickness, muscle cramps, constipation, fatigue, heartburn, preterm labor, and postpartum depression.  You will also have the energy to withstand the length of your labor and the resilience to recover quickly in the postpartum period.

In this class you will learn practical methods to maintain proper nutrition during pregnancy and beyond.

Topics will include:

  • Weight gain in pregnancy - what is appropriate and why

  • Easy, budget-friendly recipes and meal-planning tips.

  • Good, better, and best foods to choose.

  • What nutrients your body needs more of during pregnancy and what foods you should avoid.

  • Natural morning sickness remedies.

  • Healthy alternatives to the food you crave.

  • Why protein and calcium are so important and how you can ensure you are getting enough.

  • The importance of staying hydrated and how your fluid intake affects your body’s functions and the health of your baby.


Making healthy nutritional choices is a major aspect of preparing for an easy, low-risk birth experience.  For this reason we recommend that newly pregnant mothers take this class soon after confirming the pregnancy, though even mothers who are farther along in their pregnancy can benefit from this information.  Your diet WILL affect your health and that of your baby – it’s never too late to make a positive change in your lifestyle!


This is a FREE class is 1.5 hours long and held once a month.  Partners are encouraged to attend, but we ask that childcare is arranged for all children so that we can ensure a distraction free learning environment.  Clients of Celebrate Birth are required to attend.

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