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Birth Pool Rental

Pregnant and interested in laboring or delivering in the water? 

Our pools can be used for hydrotherapy pain relief at home before a hospital birth or during a planned home birth.  

Benefits of Water Labor/Delivery:

Promotes: relaxation, comfort, an increased feeling of control, freedom of movement, conservation of energy, endorphin release, and a quicker labor

Reduces: tearing, the need for an episiotomy, the chance of cesarean section, stress, blood pressure, the need for drugs and interventions

Laboring in the water can provide significant pain relief for the mom while encouraging an easier birth and gentler welcome for the baby. Many moms also feel it provides them with additional privacy and helps them establish their personal space.

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Included in your

Birth Pool Rental


* Birth Pool in a Box - Mini

* disposable single-use liner

*debris net

* air pump

* water pump

* potable water hose 

* sink adaptor

* sanitizing solution

* instructions for set up, take down, and clean up

Available for

Additional Purchase


* anchor strap for pushing

* waterproof lights


* thermometer

* waterproof floor covering

We are an Amazon Associate.  When you purchase these products on Amazon, a portion of your payment will go towards our scholarship fund, which helps our services to be accessible to ALL. 

Rental Period

and other fees


* 5 weeks for $250, which includes a $50 non-refundable booking deposit

* Additional weeks may be purchased for $50/week

*Payment in full due at time of booking.

Cancellation Policy: Bookings cancelled by 36 weeks receive refund minus $50 deposit.  Bookings cancelled after 36 weeks are non-refundable.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

When should I reserve my birth pool?  

We recommend that you reserve your pool as early as possible. Our pools are reserved for a window of 4-5 weeks at a time. It is very likely for us to become fully booked for months in advance.

Can I rent your pool even though I'm not planning my homebirth with Celebrate Birth?

Yes! Though we partner closely with the Celebrate Birth practice, you are welcome to rent our pool for your planned homebirth with any midwife of your choice.

Can I rent your birth pool even though I'm planning to deliver in a hospital?

Yes! Many moms enjoy relaxing in the comfort of their own home in early labor, before heading to the hospital to deliver.  Laboring in a pool can be a great way to "set the mood" early on for a peaceful birth experience. 

What are the dimensions of the birth pool?

The Birth Pool in a Box - Mini has a footprint of 65" x 57".  Inside, it is 45" x 37".  Click here for more specifications.

Why should I consider purchasing additional items?

* The anchor strap attaches to the handles of the pool and can be helpful while repositioning in the pool or during the pushing stage when mom might need some leverage to help focus her efforts.

* A floating thermometer can help keep an eye on the water temperature, which should be kept between 95 and 99 degrees.

* Sometimes during labor and delivery, there can be large particles and debris in the pool that you might wish to remove.  A small net will be helpful for this.

* A durable, waterproof floor covering can help protect the floor from splashes or puddles that might collect when mom is getting in and out of the pool.

* It's also handy to have a fitted sheet to cover the pool after it has been set up.  This will help keep dust and/or pet hair out while it is waiting to be used. 

How are the pools kept clean?

A disposable liner must be used with each rental and the pool must be wiped down with the provided cleaner and dried before it is put back into its bag for drop-off at our office.  Then, once we receive the pool back, we thouroughly disinfect the pool with a hospital grade cleaner, following strict protocols for sanitization.

How easy is it to set up, take down, and clean up the birth pool?

Very easy - and we provide video instructions to make it even easier!  Set-up is as simple as inflating the 3 chamber pool, one chamber at a time.  Add the liner before fulling inflating the top chamber, then continue inflating for a tight fit.  Fill the pool with hot water, keeping in mind that it may take time to adequately fill before you want to get in, and refresh water as needed.  After you are finished using the pool, remove debris and empty water using the provided pump.  Dispose of the liner and wipe down the entire pool with our sanitizing solution.  (Set up, take down, and clean up must all be done according to our detailed instructions.)

Helpful Links:
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