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Massage is a lost art, a skill that used to be passed on through the generations,

from mother to daughter.  The benefits of massage are incredible, and it’s worthy

to note that there are NO negative side-effects from massage.  It not only activates

every single system in the body, it also produces marked physiological and emotional changes in both the giver and the receiver.  Giving a massage can have almost the exact same benefits as receiving a massage!  Here are a few of the ways massage can help both baby and caregiver:

  • The special time together with the baby promotes bonding similar to what is accomplished during babywearing via the hormone oxytocin.

  • It is relaxing for everyone – parents enjoy the quiet down-time and babies love the gentle touch and physical connection.

  • Infant massage is very specific to the baby; when parents follow their baby’s cues during the massage, they are able to respond with touch that is specific to the baby’s needs and comfort level.

  • Within the giver, the sympathetic (fight or flight) system is decreased and the parasympathetic (rest and digest) system is activated. 

  • The baby’s parasympathetic system is activated as well which indirectly helps with colic and acid reflux.

  • Massage lowers blood pressure and cortisol levels (what the body produces to handle stress), and raises serotonin and dopamine levels which can combat anxiety and depression.

  • It aids in digestion, and having a healthy gut is key to having a healthy mental state.

  • It keeps the lymphatic system moving, which increases immunity and pulls un-needed fluid and foreign invaders out of your body.

  • Massage increases blood flow, which means more oxygen gets to the tissues, making them healthier and stronger.

  • Babies have growing pains, too – massage can help with that! 


This 1 hour class is held every other month.  Group classes held during the week are free; classes held on the weekends are $12 per family.  To schedule a private, personalized session, please contact our Licensed Massage Therapist Victoria (MA73601) directly at 863-660-7291.

Infant Massage class at The Nest, Lakeland

Infant Massage

Massage is a wonderful way to bond with your baby and it has many documented benefits. Learn the basic techniques of soothing, comforting, and relaxing your baby with Victoria, our Licensed Massage Therapist!

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