Postpartum Support

Psychological Associates of Central Florida (PAC) is offering a 7 week Postpartum Support group at our office, held every Monday from February 25th through April 8th, 6:00-7:30pm.  Each meeting is $25 per person; partners can attend for free and babies in arms are always welcome.  You may register for the meetings separately but attendance at all 7  is highly encouraged.  To register, please contact Hailey at PAC: 863-644-8470

Psychological Associates of Florida

2-25  Introduction and Education  

Getting familiar with each other while normalizing and discussing postpartum depression.

3-4  Coping with Stress

Identifying stressors as well as techniques to reduce stress

3-11  Finding Support Systems

Understanding the types of support needed at this stage in motherhood and developing stronger supports. 


3-18  Self Esteem Building and Self Care

Learning to appreciate the “new you” that transforms after giving birth and finding strength in that version of yourself. 


3-25  Changing Expectations

Adapting some of the expectations you may have had before, and finding realistic expectations of parenting.  This phase works through a lot of the grief that may have developed. 


4-1  Rebuilding

Learning to rebuild your relationship and your family while growing as a person. The struggles that come with rebuilding as well as the unexpected happiness that follows. 


4-8  Wrapping up

Finding closure, strengthening support within the group, and wrapping up.  (no cost)

Sliding scale fees are available.  Please contact Hailey at PAC for more information: 863-644-8470