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Postpartum Support

Our postpartum planning guide includes 12 pages of information and ideas on how to make the transition to life at home with a newborn as easy as possible. You'll be guided through the major aspects of postpartum life in a clear and concise way, helping you care for your baby AND for yourself during the first few months after the birth.   

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Postpartum Doulas

The Nest doulas provide postpartum support and resources to mothers and families in the first 6 weeks following childbirth. 

Postpartum Doula Services

A Nest postpartum doula will assist with the mother’s recovery after the birth and support the new parents with caring for their newborn in the first six weeks of life.  The doula also focuses on the parents' physical and emotional needs in the immediate postpartum period, which is truly the first line of defense against postpartum depression.  In addition, the doula helps with the family’s transition to life with a newborn – caring for the baby while mom rests, helping to establish proper feeding methods and routines, and offering help wherever needed with the goal of bringing the family to a state of comfortable independence.  

Our rate for Postpartum Doula care is $75 per hour for the first shift, then $55 per hour for every following
shift. Shifts are scheduled for a minimum of two hours per day, payable in advance.  This service includes our digital Postpartum Planning Guide as well as a copy of the Mother & Baby Care guide that is used in our Fourth Trimester class.

To find out more about our postpartum doula services, please complete this INQUIRY FORM and we will respond within one business day.

Unsure if daily postpartum doula support is right for you?  Start with a consult instead:

Postpartum Planning Consult     $80

This 2-hour private in-office consultation will help you plan for an easier adjustment to the postpartum period after your baby has arrived.  Anyone who will be supporting you during the days, weeks, and months following your birth is welcome to attend; this would be a great time for them to learn about your needs and expectations in regards to your recovery from the birth, caring for your newborn (and for your older children, if you have them), meal planning, daily and nightly schedules, and any other details that will help make this transition easier for everyone involved.

The cost for this consult includes our digital Postpartum Planning Guide as well as a copy of the Mother & Baby Care guide that is used in our Fourth Trimester class.

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