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Get Pumped!


Every lactation journey is different and not every nursing mother will need to use a breastpump on a regular basis, but for those who do it can feel like a daunting task to master.  This two-hour class will provide all of the information you need to get started, plus some valuable hacks that may help along the way to boost not only your supply but your confidence and expertise, too!

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There are a variety of reasons why using a pump might help you achieve your breastfeeding goals: 

  • You plan to return to work

  • You would like other people to help feed the baby on occasion

  • Your baby is premature or unable to latch due to a medical reason

  • You periodically take a medication that is not breastfeeding friendly

  • You need periodic support from a pump in order to maintain supply

  • You prefer to exclusively pump instead of latching baby to the breast

Whatever your reason is, we are here to help!  In this class you will learn about:

  • The pros and cons of pumping

  • Finding the right pump and accessories

  • How to plan for and create a "stash"

  • Returning to work with confidence in your plan

  • Communicating with your childcare provider

  • Pumping schedules

  • How to maximize pumping output

  • Storage and handling guidelines

  • Potential challenges and how to  resolve them


Though it is not a requirement, we strongly recommend that you take a breastfeeding class prior to attending the Get Pumped class, especially if you have not breastfed before.  The basic knowledge you will obtain will provide you with a good foundation to build on as you learn about adding pumping to your breastfeeding journey.  This 2 hour class is for women only, but we encourage you to share what you have learned with your partner - their support will play an important role in your success!  We also ask that childcare is arranged for all children (unless they are a breastfeeding infant) so that we can ensure a distraction free learning environment.   The cost is $50 per person and prepayment is required to reserve your seat and materials.   


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