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Do I Really Need To Take A Childbirth Class?

It's a common question for first-time parents: If childbirth is a natural part of life and if our bodies already know what to do, do we really need to take a class? Classes for expectant parents are valuable, and a childbirth class is particularly so. Here are five reasons why:

Informed Decision Making

Childbirth education helps expectant parents understand the physiological, emotional, and psychological aspects of pregnancy, labor, and delivery. This knowledge helps them make informed decisions, decisions that align with their personal preferences and values, as well as alleviate fear and anxiety. Parents feel better-equipped to advocate for themselves because of this which can equate to a more positive birthing experience, even if the experience ends up being different from what they had planned.


Parents who attend childbirth education classes are better prepared for the process. They learn about the stages of labor, what to include in a birth plan, when to go to the hospital or birthing center, and what items to pack in their labor/postpartum bag. The information they learn can also help parents recognize warning signs and take timely action when necessary, potentially reducing the severity of complications that might occur.

Pain Relief Options

These classes provide details about a variety of pain relief options, including natural methods, medications, and epidurals. Expectant parents are then better able to choose techniques that align with their pain tolerance and birth plans. Something to keep in mind: even when the plan is to receive medical pain relief, natural relaxation techniques will still be helpful prior to arriving at the hospital. Furthermore, it has been proven that they may actually reduce the need for medical interventions during labor, such as inductions or cesarean sections.

Birth Partner Support

Another great aspect about these classes is that they encourage partners or other support people to attend, including them in the education process and helping them understand their role during labor and birth. Knowing how they can best support their loved one - and how they can keep their cool in the process - goes a long way in helping boost their confidence ahead of the main event.


Many childbirth education classes create a supportive environment where parents can connect with others who are also going through this life-changing experience. This sense of community can be invaluable for their emotional well-being, bringing a sense of peace as they realize they aren't going through it alone.

Childbirth classes are an important resource for expectant parents, even for those who have gone through the experience before. These classes can provide a great refresher to even the most seasoned of parents, and you never know what new things will be learned! The knowledge, confidence, and emotional support they offer helps parents navigate the complex and transformative journey of pregnancy, labor, and delivery, ultimately leading to a more positive experience and often healthier outcome for both mom and baby.


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